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We scale German startups and corporate innovations globally. #InnovateGlobal

Our mission is to bring startups and corporate innovation activities to new markets and gain foothold abroad, by connecting them with foreign startups, investors, accelerators, universities, passionate locals and community builders. Not just as advisors, we are are the global movers and shakers.

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Based on four principles GERMAN X offers operations and key assets to expand and run innovation activities in other vibrant ecosystems all over the world.

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GERMAN X for Corporates

Opens up global innovation ecosystems for corporates to strengthen the global innovation point of view and to run innovation activities.

GERMAN X for Startups

Scales startups to new markets through a tailor-made strategy and hands-on activities with a network of mentors, experts and investors.

GERMAN X Chapters

Serve as bustling global hubs where German startups and corporates converge, fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial growth on an international scale.

GERMAN X Friends

Form our foundational pillars, comprising a robust network of mentors, investors, and sponsors dedicated to nurturing and supporting the growth of entrepreneurs and startups within the ecosystem.

Focusing on individual service, GERMAN X is considered the perfect complement to an existing startup accelerator. It represents German innovative strength in a unique setting.

Jana Nothhelfer

Project Manager

Developed by creative minds, GERMAN X offers corporates and startups an innovative comprehensive approach. Innovation is holistically conceived and addresses individual company needs.

Helena Sporer

Global Lead

GERMAN X bridges the gap between corporates and startups. Companies can deeply dive into the vibrant ecosystem of the target country and find the innovations they are looking for.

Matthias Härtl

Project Manager


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Tel Aviv



South Africa






São Paulo





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Houston – startup friendly and tech-savvy

With its thriving startup scene, Houston is home to several accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces – providing support and resources to entrepreneurs.

Cape Town – thriving hub for innovation

As the Mother City of South Africa, Cape Town is attracting a wide range of startups, investors, and talent and will undoubtedly continue to attract businesses and talent from all around the world.

Singapore – leading startup hub in Asia

Once chosen as a trading post to connect the East and West, the city-state and island country Singapore has now a strong economy and a stable political system and is perceived as a launchpad for entrepreneurs across Asia-Pacific.


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Helena Sporer

Global Lead

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Managing Director

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