GERMAN X for Startups

Each startup is unique, so is our comprehensive tailor-made scale-up service.

GERMAN X empowers German startups, proceeding in the internationalization stage, to enter foreign markets – through a tailor-made service with a network of mentors, market experts and investors. It is locally operated together with established community partners and advisors. The scale-up service comprises workshops, mentoring and access to a pool of local business partners, institutions, authorities as well as investors.

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Our 10X Approach

Within 10 weeks, we work together with you on 10 company specific KPIs with the goal to multiply these KPIs by the factor 10. In a nutshell, this can be defined as the following:

10 Weeks

Duration of the service program

10 KPIs

Strategy for foreign market entry

10 Goals

Definition of success

10 Mentors

Expertise for the targets

10 Workshops

Deep dive for market insights

10 Investors

Feedback on the Pitch

Your scaling journey


If we have aroused your interest or if you have any questions, we would be delighted if you contact us. You can join the service program whenever you are ready to start your journey. To get to know your startup a little better in advance, we encourage you to complete a questionnaire about your startup as well as attach your pitch deck. Your contact request will be reviewed as soon as possible, and we will respond to you via email at least within a week.


Before the actual service program starts, we will help you prepare for your new business journey within a 3 week preparation phase in your home country. There will be an initial discussion for determining your target country, expectations and objectives. Followed by a cultural crash course, we will identify your KPIs based on your individual company specific needs and challenges, as you are working on these KPIs during the service program. Therefore, a customized project schedule awaits you. The workshops and milestones for the coming weeks are set, and a status quo presentation is given before setting off abroad.


Once you have completed the preparation phase, you will head off to your chosen destination country. Your first week will be spent acclimatising and getting to know the new culture. During an onboarding day, you will be shown around your workspaces, get to know some local mentors and, with the help of your advisor, settle into the country and the environment.


The core of the journey comprises the development of 10 individually defined KPIs. In 10 weeks, we work on these 10 KPIs to achieve 10 different goals with 10 mentors, acquired through 10 workshops. The goal is to shape and develop your business model and product for the target country. Through 1:1 coaching sessions, intensive mentoring can be provided, complemented by workshops on selected and relevant topics. During this time, we bring you together with potential customers, corporates, business angels, venture capitalists, experienced industry professionals, tech experts and many other valuable personalities.

Investor’s Pitch

At the end of the service program we will organize an investors dinner, which should give you the opportunity to exchange with potential investors. Finally, you will  pitch in front of a minimum of 10 global investors or corporates who will provide feedback on your idea in your target country. On the one hand, this Demo Day is designed to celebrate your accomplishments and expand your network of investors and partners in the local ecosystem, on the other hand it aims to get one of the investors or corporates as a high-class customer or investor.

Follow Up

Our support does not end after the completion of the program. Together with our extensive network we will continue to support your journey and create a follow up plan, if you want to. This will help you to grow further and gain a sustainable foothold in the target country and the new market.

More about the program

In Germany

3 Weeks

Preparation Phase

Filled with a cultural crash course, individual KPI identification and your program plan development.

In the target market

10 Weeks

Acceleration Phase

Filled with mentoring, working together to reach your individual KPIs and weekly goals set.


Scale-up Service Costs: 25.000 €

By participating in our services, we do not take any equity of your company. However, we offer you two different financing options. In exchange for 2.5% of your company’s equity, one of our investment partners may pay for the service on your behalf. We are also happy to share the risk and cost, in return we will receive 1.5% on completion of financing rounds in the following 18 months.


  • preparation
  • on-site travel expenses
  • workshops
  • investor dinner


  • travel to the destination country
  • accommodation
  • meal costs

Take aways

What have you learned during the program?

Gain insights and market know how about your target country

Understand your local customer and adapt your offering to the foreign market

Analyze the competitive landscape and figure out how best to position yourself in the target country

Understand the foreign regulatory environment and your compliance requirements

Adopt your business model and localize your pricing

Identify local staffing needs and business structure for local operations

Are your ready to go global? Start your scale-up journey!


Submit a questionnaire and pitch deck about your company


Initial discussion about your target country, your objectives and expectations


Set workshops and milestones for upcoming weeks


Kickoff your expansion to your target country

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Global Lead

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Managing Director

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