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Waihiga K. Muturi

Creator Of Opportunities @ Let’s Create Africa

I have come to be known by many titles through my work, which has changed the way Africa tackles Poverty by leveraging PR, Communications, Advocacy and Media. Serial social entrepreneur, digital journalist, thought leader, facilitator, mediator, and author of global acclaim. I am an ecosystem builder and creator of opportunities.

I have a successful track record within the incubator/accelerator ecosystem in PR, communications, media, marketing, and ICT4D. Collaborating with C-Suite executives, governments, development organisations, and civic groups on four continents and in 44 countries since 2009 I am a renown social entrepreneur, community leader, youth policy champion, internet governance, and digital rights advocate.
Often,I share my thoughts on decolonizing the African narrative and write on matters of business innovation, governance, and the SDGs.

I am eager to collaborate with African entrepreneurs on last-mile impact, the future of work, climate change, grassroots policy, advocacy, and citizen and civic education.

Industry Expertise

Healthcare, Mobility, Retails, Communications, Media, PR & Advocacy

Experienced in

B2B & B2C

Business Expertise

Business Development, Funding, IT, Product, Strategy, Communications, Media, PR & Advocacy

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: NCBA, ICEA, MP Shah
Startups: NCBA Loop, KYR Africa, Baraza Media Lab