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Matteo Fois

Growth Consultant @ Result Consulting

Having worked as a B2B Business Development Consultant at ResultConsulting, a high-growth B2B tech SaaS startup, and as a B2B Account Manager at Amazon, I have developed a strong expertise in running outbound prospecting to acquire new business. My track record includes educating and onboarding startups and SMBs, managing them to generate impressive revenue and ROI. I have a proven ability to handle the entire B2B sales and marketing funnel, from analyzing and optimizing my clients’ business development strategy to coaching clients, organizing their marketing events, optimizing advertising campaigns, and overcoming bottlenecks based on data.

With an international background and over 40+ countries visited, I am passionate about startups and ignited by the challenges entrepreneurship poses.

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Business Development, Marketing, Sales

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Amazon
Startups: Result Consulting