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Juliana Mercês

Senior Talent Strategy Consultant @ Mercer

I am an experienced Consultant with more than 15 years of experience in Human Capital in Brazil and Portugal. Psychologist, Psychoanalyst and Service Designer, my skills lay in comnining my clinical training with a solid career in HR and agile and creative methodologies. In 2017, I decided to venture into the world of entrepreneurship and startups, and found myself studying Design, Innovation and Future Thinking. Expert in Employee Experience, Organizational Culture and related topics, I am always looking for innovative solutions. I deeply understand the challenges linked to companies‘ transformations and use new ways of working to drive much-needed changes in the workplace.

Industry Expertise

Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retails, IT, Marketing, Professional Services

Experienced in

B2B & B2C

Business Expertise

Business Development, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Product, Strategy

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Alelo, Bayer, BNP Paribas Cardiff, Iberdrola, ISA CTEEP, JLL, MSD, Natura
Startups: can´t share