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Joana Pinto

CEO & Founder and Head of Innovation @ Clynx Health

I am a seasoned biomedical engineer with a keen business mindset, bringing a dynamic blend of technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision to the startup world.
My journey includes a pivotal role in successfully co-founding Clynx Health. We developed a Medical Device in the digital rehabilitation space and secured hundred thousands in funding through both dilutive and non-dilutive means.
I have hands-on experience in securing capite from diverse sources (including VC and public grants), planning market entry, conducting certification, and engaging with multiple stakeholders. These equip me to navigate the intricate landscape of a startup from ideation to funding and beyond, positioning startups for growth.
In addition to my hands-on experience, I have been contributing as a Board Member at 351 Portuguese Startup Community, and actively mentoring startups and founders – spanning diverse sectors, including Health Tech, IoT, Wellbeing, Social Impact, Telecommunications.
I’m eager to share my experience and the tools l’ve acquired over the years to help you harness the power of innovation and succeed in the Portuguese market.

Industry Expertise


Experienced in

B2B & B2C

Business Expertise

Business Development, Finance, Funding, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Strategy

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: CUF, Altice Labs, Lusíadas
Startups: Clynx Health, Sympathia technologies, Lampsy, 351 Portuguese Startup Association