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George Brits

Strategic Advisor @ HSG Consulting

I hold a PhD in Physics from the University of Johannesburg, an MBA from the University of Cape Town and completed short courses at Oxford and Harvard Universities. My career began in the field of science, and I held various scientific positions until 1994.

In 1995, I joined Investec Asset Management (now Ninety One), starting in Cape Town and later becoming CIO in London after Investec’s acquisition of Guinness Flight Asset Management. I played a pivotal role in improving the company’s investment processes and introducing client service and specialist investment boutiques.

In 2006, I became the CEO of Stanlib Asset Management and later the overall CEO. I addressed issues such as streamlining the business, enhancing profitability, and increasing diversity. From 2011 to 2017, I worked at Macquarie Securities, primarily as head of research, but also as media analyst. I rebuilt the research team, improving its ranking and increasing diversity. In 2021, I founded the investment consulting firm HSG Consult.

Throughout my career, I’ve been dedicated to excellence, diversity, and continuous learning in the finance and investment field.

Industry Expertise

Investment management

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Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Core Wealth, Harbour Wealth, Mianzo Asset Management, Seed Investment
Startups: Differential Capital, Ensemble Capital, Volantis Capital, Motswedi