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Chukwudi Onwunali

CEO @ Talentsquare

I am a management consultant with expertise in organizational development, talent management, and executive search. My illustrious career revolves around offering visionary consultancy services to both individuals and esteemed institutions, businesses and government agencies, co-creating and aiding them in surmounting human capital challenges with precision and innovation.
As a strategic partner to organizations ranging from industry giants to dynamic startups, I orchestrate transformative solutions in talent acquisition, restructuring, and management, elevating recruitment processes to unprecedented levels of efficiency and efficacy. My mastery extends to guiding individuals through pivotal career decisions, sculpting their professional trajectories with wisdom and foresight.
Throughout my distinguished career, I have forged an indomitable reputation as a beacon of excellence in talent to business output solutions. Esteemed for my unparalleled insights and leadership, I architect and execute talent strategies that not only foster sustainable advantages but also propel bottom-line success.

Industry expertise

Business Consulting

Experienced in

B2B & B2C

Business expertise

Human Resources

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Co-creation Hub, Enzo Krypton & company, Jobberman
Startups: Kaymu (Jumia Market), MAX.ng (Metro Africa Xpress), Oxygen Broadband