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Chhavi Singh

Co-founder @ Flyte

I’m passionate about technology and building AI based platforms that solve real problems! I started my career in tech, then went on to join a venture capital firm, and mentored tech startups at Microsoft. I also did investment banking in New York for a few years – before realizing that my passion for entrepreneurship supersedes everything.

As an engineer turned VC turned entrepreneur, I’m able to put on different hats at different times. I understand the nuances of cloud development and artificial intelligence models, and can also see what an investor might seek and ask about during a startup pitch.

Industry Expertise

Mobility, Retails

Experienced in


Business Expertise

Business Development, Finance, Funding, Product, Sales, Strategy

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: JPMorgan, Microsoft, Merrill Lynch
Startups: Flyte, Techstars, Founder Institute