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Carolina Marçalo

Business Development and Innovation Lead @ Axians Digital Consulting

I am a strategic disruptive business leader with over 14 years of management experience. I developed business plans and models for startups. Increased Xerox apps and software revenue by +300% and brought in over $11M (€9M) through successful revenue generation. Also, I negotiated over 70 deals with strategic partners. I led teams across three international markets in Portugal, China, and Singapore. I grew Aptoide’s app store user base to over 250 million active users. Raised over $15M through through crowdfunding for AppCoins development.

Industry Expertise

Mobility, Government, IT, Software

Experienced in


Business Expertise

Business Development, Funding, Sales, Strategy

Companies previously worked with

Corporates: Xerox, SIBS Forward Payments Solutions
Startups: Aptoide